Breaking News: PerfectPro to make radios being compatible with Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers and the AmpShare Alliance 18V battery platform

Dutch jobsite radio maker PerfectPro has entered into an agreement with Bosch Power Tools and a number of leading brands in the professional construction industry to develop professional jobsite radios compatible with the Bosch Professional 18V battery platform, launched in September 2022 as “the AmpShare Alliance”.

PerfectPro will launch under its own brand a premium line of high-performance jobsite radios which will run on 18V Bosch batteries made since 2008. Bosch / AmpShare battery platform users can expect a significant step forward when in it comes to high-quality audio solutions for the construction site to choose from.

PerfectPro will first launch Rockhart 18V – the juggernaut jobsite radio known as the world’s largest jobsite radio – in a big and loud celebratory fashion. Thanks to over ten years of rigorous testing in the toughest jobsite conditions, Rockhart 18V will be a reliable giant at the jobsite. It will come heavily equipped with two massive woofers, tweeters, a premium amplifier, and multifunctional options for FM, DAB+, Bluetooth, Microphone/Karaoke and USB/MP3.

The new Rockhart 18V model is slated to launch in early Q2 2023. The new Rockhart with the built-in lithium battery version remains available to users who prefer a built-in battery which charges while playing.

About PerfectPro

PerfectPro boasts decades of experience and is a pioneer in releasing some of the first jobsite radios on the market under its own brand and for other leading power tool brands. PerfectPro is one of the 26 members of the AmpShare Alliance, being part in the Alliance from the beginning.

About Bosch Power Tools

The Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a division of the Bosch Group, is one of the world’s leading providers for power tools, garden tools, power tool accessories and measuring tools, with more than 80 million interchangeable Bosch Professional batteries sold, since 2008.


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