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Test of new jobsite radio

The construction manager had to go out and keep quiet.

Rockhart can beat all other work radios, believes CG Jensen’s construction team. It has a cool look and the sound of the speaker is top notch. There has been a battle for the radio, and several are considering buying one themselves.

Hi, are you the dealer for that radio? Oh no, Bygge- & Anlægsavisen’s journalist has to regret. – Because we could use one more, says over CG Jensen’s construction site. Twice more, there are people on the construction site who come by and say that they have considered buying such a radio to have at home.

The boss

Viktor Johansen and his mate at CG Jensen have been testing the Rockhart radio and it has not been spared in the last few weeks. Out on the Ørestad construction site, it lives up to its nickname ‘The Boss’. PERFECTPRO has given it the nickname, as the radio is their largest and most powerful work radio.

The couple are at work on the ground floor, where the radio is almost directly in front of the mortar mixer, but the sound flows clearly above the general clatter of the construction site.

– There was a ‘semi-fight’ over the radio. But we were allowed to test it, and my partner and I didn’t want to give it up. We agree that it’s a damn good speaker. It has depth in the sound and a good bass. The look is cool and the radio doesn’t take up much space.

It is easy to take around the square, says Viktor.

– Immediately I would say that it plays twice as well as many other radios we have had here on the site: It has good signal coverage, bluetooth connector and aux and usb.

Survived both dust and rain

The radio is well protected in the sturdy box with solid corners, and even though it has been exposed to a lot of dust and rain, none of the buttons have stuck, says Viktor: – In our rush, we forgot it one day outside in the rain, but it managed it. When we came back out, it was still standing played. We put it in the container and dried it and then it was fine.

It is easy to switch between the different phones associated with the radio. You just drive up and down on the button here, Viktor shows. The sound is absolutely top notch, he believes:

Our construction manager pulled me into the office one day and said: Viktor, try to hear how loud the music is in here.

It all stands and throbs. You may want to turn it down a little bit, he says with a smile.

He also likes that the radio can function as a small work table where you can put your tools. But he misses one thing: – The space for charger plug and usb is too small. It could be practical if you could just put your phone in there, he shows.

Mostly, however, there are many stars for the radio:

– I’m completely in love with it and have been thinking of also buying a private one that I can use at home in the allotment garden, says Viktor.

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