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Performing in rough outdoor conditions is second nature to PerfectPro’s radios

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Wide selection

All PerfectPro radios are dustproof, waterproof and shock-resistant, making them ideal for rough outdoor conditions or use in sheds or barns. They come with integrated universal batteries, which means you can take them anywhere to listen to their impeccable sound. If they’re covered in mud, fertiliser or dust, you can simply spray them clean. Our range includes jobsite radios in any size – including the largest models available in the market.

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Perfectpro garden radio

On the move: The Soloworker

You can take the Soloworker anywhere, tucked away in your shirt pocket or attached to your belt. The device will surround you with its magnificent sound wherever you go. For anyone who doesn’t want to wear headphones all day long. Its small size ensures that you won’t scare off or disturb anyone.

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Working locally:
The Teambox

The Teambox radio effortlessly fills a large garden, shed or stable with powerful sound. You can hang it from the bracket, or set it down anywhere and not worry: it’s mudproof, rainproof, sand-proof and shock-resistant.

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Perfectpro garden radio
Perfectpro garden radio

For use in sheds and stables:
the Rockbull and Handsfree

The Rockbull is first-rate mobile Hi-Fi system that will easily fills a shed of 500 square metres or more with dazzling quality sound. It’s a powerful combo of speakers, woofer and tweeters.

For a slightly smaller version, we recommend you choose the Handsfree (including or excluding batteries).

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For anywhere:
The Rockhart

Extremely popular with outdoor people, the Rockhart is the ultimate outdoor radio. With its unparalleled volume, it can create the right sound for outdoor sites, meadows, large sheds, and stables. With its integrated battery, you can put it anywhere you like and it will keep playing throughout the workday without any problem.

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Perfectpro garden radio

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PerfectPro: the Dutch specialist in jobsite radios

Globally the most sophisticated, up-to-date radio/audio selection in the market.


Highest TUV (Germany) certifications

Highest IP

Record scores for waterproof, dustproof and shockproof properties

factory warranty

2-year factory warranty

It’s no wonder that PerfectPro radios are finding their way to a growing number of users throughout the Benelux region – wherever pros are at work. Once you have a PerfectPro, you’ll never want anything else.

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Designed in
the Netherlands

Established more than 15 years ago, PerfectPro is a dynamic company based in the Netherlands. We learn from our users’ needs and feedback and incorporate these lessons into the next generation of products wherever we can. The result: the most sophisticated, up-to-date radio/audio selection available in the market.


Become a reseller?

PerfectPro maintains a strong presence in its home market of the Benelux region, but as a multinational it can deliver its products directly from our warehouse or straight from our production facilities. PerfectPro is always looking for partners who can help us boost our international presence.