Battery system

Universal battery system customised for jobsite radios



We have integrated lithium batteries (Liion or Li-poly) into all our jobsite radios that require a high capacity or must be very small in size.

Why lithium

With their high current density, lithium batteries are highly suited for models requiring extremely high capacity or which must be highly compact


The universal NiMH batteries are high-quality batteries designed especially for PerfectPro. More powerful than common types of consumer batteries, yet still universally exchangeable with other electronics. Longlasting and packed with power.


Since the charger for PerfectPro’s jobsite radios and the PerfectPro chargeable NiMH batteries are fully complimentary, we recommend using PerfectPro chargeable NiMH batteries.


Low priced

Our battery system has been optimised to keep radios blasting throughout the workday – not just while operating a chainsaw or a grinder. Why use the expensive power-tool battery for your jobsite radio?


PerfectPro has opted for universal-size batteries (AA, C and D). These always fit and are not – as is often the case with tool batteries – brand-dependent and subject to regular changes in size and connection. In addition, these universalsize batteries are available everywhere at an affordable price, in both chargeable (NiMH) and non-chargeable (Alkaline) versions.

Integrated charger

Our radios have built-in chargers – this means you never need to remove the battery. Convenient, right? Plug in your radio and it will keep going for the rest of the workday. The batteries of most of our models also charge while playing.

Environmentally friendly

Should the radio no longer be used (mobile), the batteries can still be used for other devices.

I can keep the radio blasting all day long – no problem! The battery’s in and will remain there. No fuss, no need to take it out – just plug it into the socket every so often and you’re good to go – all day long.’


Which batteries do you need for your radio?

The NiMH batteries are not included as standard with the following radios. This gives you the option of choosing a cheaper mains-powered radio for, for example, the workshop or a slightly more expensive wireless radio.


6 x D


NiMH 8000 mAh


6 x D


NiMH 8000 mAh


6 X AA


NiMH 2500 mAh


6 X AA


NiMH 2500 mAh


4 x C


NiMH 4000 mAh


6 x C


NiMH 4000 mAh


4 X C


NiMH 4000 mAh

The Perfectpro jobsite radio charger and the Perfectpro rechargeable batteries are designed to work perfectly together. We therefore recommend that you use Perfectpro rechargeable batteries.

Universal and independent
Perfectpro opts for universal size batteries (AA, C and D). These always fit and, unlike many tool batteries, are not brand-dependent and their size or connection method do not change frequently. In addition, these universal-sized batteries, both the rechargeable (NiMH) and the non-rechargeable (Alkaline) versions, are readily available at an affordable price.

Vensteropname-2Important information relating to the use of rechargeable batteries. 

Battery life and lifespan are are enhanced when the batteries are used correctly.

  • Switch the charge switch in the battery compartment to the charge position.
  • When using for the first time: charge the new batteries in one go, without interruption, until they are full.  This first charge will last longer than a normal charge. For a longer battery life, it best to subsequently always charge the batteries until they are completely full.
  • New batteries will only reach their full capacity after a number of cycles of use (discharge-charge).
  • If used regularly, leave the entire group of batteries in the radio and do not use them for other purposes. You should also not remove some of the batteries and use them for something else. Otherwise, you will end up using a mixture of (fully) charged and (partially) discharged batteries.
  • Charge batteries in an ambient temperature of between 5 and 35 degrees C. The batteries will not charge fully at a higher or lower temperature. At very low temperatures of less than 5 degrees C, the battery capacity will be considerably lower than it is at room temperature.
  • Given the high capacity of the batteries, charging from “empty” to “full” can take some time and the temperature can increase slightly.
  • Do not charge batteries if the radio is warm or is exposed to the heat or heat sources.
  • It is recommended that the metal contacts of the batteries and those of the charger in the radio are cleaned from time to time using a contact spray, for example.
  • Batteries should be charged at least once every 2 months. Not using rechargeable batteries for a long time considerably shortens their life.


Perfectpro warranty conditions for batteries

Perfectpro batteries are carefully tested and checked during and after production.

Batteries, being expendable parts, are not covered by the same warranty conditions as those that apply to jobsite radios.

Perfectpro provides a production warranty valid for 1 year after purchase on the Perfectpro batteries. Within this period, Perfectpro accepts the cost of product replacement in the event of a material, construction or production fault.

The production warranty on the batteries does not cover:
-Damage caused by incorrect use, improper use, negligence, neglect, alterations made or accidents.
-Normal wear and tear.

In the event of a claim under warranty, the batteries and the jobsite radio* should be returned to Perfectpro together with the original invoice or other valid proof of purchase (giving the product type and date of purchase) for assessment. The date of purchase is the date the warranty period commences. Any claims under warranty will be dealt with through your Perfectpro dealer.

* The reason for this is that a problem may have occurred with the batteries due to a defect to the radio – for example, a defective charger.