The mobile Hi-Fi stereo system

Our mobile Hi-Fi stereo system. Featuring 2 heavy woofers (combining a traditional boombox and a stereo system) in a single jobsite radio design, equipped with a long-life lithium battery. This radio commands respect, including in large workspaces, warehouses and barns. Has the power to transform any workspace into a swinging party scene with one touch of a button!

Recommended retail price:

290,00 350,90

excl. VAT

290,00 350,90

incl. VAT
Where available

Basic data

DAB+ Digitale radio ontvangst

FM ontvangst met
RDS zenderinformatie

Bluetooth ontvanger
voor muziek streaming

2 Aux ingangen voor
externe MP3 speler


Oplaadbaar met ingebouwde Lithium-Polymeer accu


The number one radio designed for large spaces, warehouses, industrial spaces, sheds and buildings under construction

Perfectpro Rockbull
High-power 2-way stereo speaker system, 2x25 watt
2x5 inch woofers and 2x1-inch tweeters
Sound box volume: 9.5 litres

Technical information


FM reception with RDS station information
DAB+ Digital Radio reception
10 station presets FM and DAB+
Double Tuner Circuit (DTC)

Extra media

Aux-in for external MP3 player


High power 2-way speaker system, 2 x 25 Watt
2 x 5 inch woofers and 2 x 1 inch tweeters
Sound box volume 9.5 litre
12 equalizer settings
(Flat - Indoor - Outdoor - Neutral - Rock - Soul & Jazz - Classical - Acoustic - Spoken word - Dance - Small room - Late night)
Dynamic Loudness function
Surround sound function (on DAB+ and Aux-in)

Power supply/current

Mains current (230V) - 85 Watt
Built-in Long-Player Lithium-Polymer battery (11,1V - 3 x 4000 mAh)
Average playing time on a single charge from 16 to 20 hours

Extra functions

ATP PIN code lock (protection from unauthorized use and theft)
Name function
User interface available in 4 languages
(Dutch, French, German or English)
Adjustable display backlight


Durable ABS plastic body
Backlit LCD display
Metal speaker grill
Rugged controls
Roll-cage protected
2.9 m neoprene-rubber power cable
Plug holder on back
Cable storage at the back of the radio
Holder on the back for MP3 player or mobile phone
Flexible, collapsible antenna (type: KDAB2)


Weight 7,2 kg
WxHxD 49 x 31 x 26 cm
Colour: black


Rain, dirt and dust resistant (IP65 standard)
TÜV/GS certified

Product data



EAN Code:




Number in outer box:


Weight of radio:

7,2 kg

Weight of outer box:

8,4 kg

Radio’s dimensions (WxHxD):

49 x 31 x 26 cm

Packaging’s dimensions (WxHxD):

49 x 32 x 27 cm

Outer box’s dimensions (WxHxD):

51 x 34 x 29 cm

Frequently asked questions

Why doesn’t the Rockbull have a battery compartment?

Experience shows that a large group of users only use their jobsite radios plugged into the mains. We therefore decided to omit the battery compartment from the Rockbull for this group of users, thus reducing the price and providing room for a larger sound box (almost 10 litres!) with a fuller, more powerful sound.

Sometimes if I move my DAB+ radio even just 50 cm indoors I have better reception.

With DAB+ signal reception, moving the radio a short distance, even just a few dozen centimetres, can make a huge difference to the signal level. This is typical of DAB+ radio reception.

In addition to the (installed) flexible antenna the Rockbull also has a long, metal, telescopic antenna (supplied separately in the box). Why is this?

You can use this long, metal antenna as an alternative antenna for your radio in areas or locations where the radio signal (FM/DAB/DAB+) is weak or very weak and you wish to have better or the best possible reception.
For installation instructions see the radio’s directions for use.


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