High-performance radios

Available in small, medium and large for pros, connoisseurs and aficionados.

Modest high-performance powerhouses

Rock-solid and – like its larger siblings – dirtproof, dustproof, drop-proof and shockproof. There’s no smartphone or speaker in the world that can compete with its sound. You can work away while enjoying audio in peace, without disturbing or putting off anyone around you.

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Powerful and compact professional audio equipment

All the pros love these bigger and stronger models, which offer unparalleled power and extraordinary sound quality. They will fill any space covering between 50 and 1000 square metres with brilliant sound. Versatile and multifunctional, this strong and compact portable audio tool feels at home anywhere in the world. If nothing less than the highest-quality equipment will do, look no further.

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Heavyweight premium portable audio systems: in a class of their own

With their ironclad sound, our systems are solid, hardy and untouchable – they will keep playing in even the most extreme conditions. Designed for workshops and outdoor spaces >1,000 square metres, they are basically portable audio systems with large or extra-large speakers, high-end amplifiers and powerful woofers. These systems produce the kind of sound you can’t ignore: you will marvel at its perfection at any volume.

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XL: A league of its own

Among tradesmen “the Rockhart” enjoys more fame in its home country, the Netherlands, than the brand PerfectPro itself. With its two massive woofers it blows away anything bold enough to come close, if needed. Although its sound is also great when put at a lower volume, it has earned its reputation of the largest and loudest jobsite radio ever made.

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More than just a radio

A PerfectPro is more than just a radio: you can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker, power bank, alarm, MP3/USB player, Spotify Connect speaker or Call speaker.

Crystal-clear, highly user-friendly digital radio (DAB+). If you have no signal, you can simply switch to trusty old FM.

A USB connection allows you to use the radio as an MP3 player, with its own playlists (MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC), without needing to use a phone.

Transform your radio into a Bluetooth speaker by using the Bluetooth connection – and still be able to receive incoming calls.

Wi-Fi Radio provides you with access to thousands of radio channels, crystal-clear and in stereo. Listen to local or global radio channels and all the latest podcasts. Can also be operated by phone app, if you happen to have left your radio on the scaffold.