Unbeatable jobsite radio, featuring FM radio, DAB+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB

When high performance is everything

PerfectPro specialises in audio equipment for tradesmen.

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Every PerfectPro radio produces an impeccable sound, its quality on par with the most high-end
Hi-Fi audio brands.

Heavy duty

All our PerfectPro radios can handle just about anything that comes their way.


We offer the widest selection of jobsite radios in the world, so we can meet any specific requirements.


The most compact jobsite radio with the biggest and richest sound, featuring all the essential technologies

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2×4-inch Stereo Big Magnet speaker, 2×10 Watt
Sound box volume: 4.8 litres
Separate tone control (Treble & Bass)

Who’s the boss?


The mobile Hi-Fi system for large spaces and outdoor sites

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More than just a radio

In addition to radio functionality, PerfectPro devices come with many other features, including Bluetooth speakers, power banks, alarms, MP3/USB players, Spotify Connect speakers or call speakers.

Crystal-clear, highly user-friendly digital radio (DAB+). If you have no signal, you can simply switch to trusty old FM.

A USB connection allows you to use the radio as an MP3 player, with its own playlists (MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC), without needing to use a phone.

Transform your radio into a Bluetooth speaker by using the Bluetooth connection – and still be able to receive incoming calls.

Wi-Fi Radio provides you with access to thousands of radio channels, crystal-clear and in stereo. Listen to local or global radio channels and all the latest podcasts.

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PerfectPro has been specialised in the manufacture of jobsite radios for over 15 years. Based in the Netherlands, we offer the widest range of jobsite radios anywhere in the world. Our commitment to quality and service is evident in everything we do.